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As a marketing professional with a varied experience, I am here to share my wisdom and expertise in my field of work i.e. the health care sector. As I have undergone tough times in my journey, my intention is to make the drive more manageable for people who are already working or planning to enter this sector. Hence with my knowledge and exposure in this particular field, I will be providing

  • Guidance to sole proprietors/entrepreneurs and youngsters with respect to choosing their area of work and improvement based on individual needs
  • Online and offline marketing techniques to improve their reach to customers
  • Advice on Customer management and expansion of business techniques
  • Mentorship to people so that they can explore new avenues of business 
  • Guidance to become an Affiliate marketer and earn additional income
  • Online blogs, e-books and articles to get time-to-time advice and update on the current scenario of the health care sector

My Specialties

I Coach

I offer training to people and provide insights about the most realistic ideas and tactics about their managing your health care business efficiently. My tactics will not only help people to effectively manage your business but have an impressive presence in the market

I Speak

I also speak to health care professionals and students eager to join the sector about the various opportunities and skill development activities that they can avail and become an expert in their field.

Health Blog
I Write

I often write blogs, articles and e-books on various topics related to the health care sector. These articles and blogs are mostly related to finding a precise solution to all the marketing needs. These articles also update about the latest developments in the health care sector and the way to upgrade your business. I have written many e-Books and blogs which provide priceless value and extensive knowledge and these can be grabbed any time without spending a single penny.

I render Advice

If you are a healthcare professional, I am available to provide advice on all the marketing and management related queries. Anyone who is in need of any kind of advice can contact me to avail appropriate solutions.

My Mission behind creating this platform for the health care sector is
  • To identify the latent potential in a person and aid them to become a top marketer in the health care sector
  • To help the newbies, especially students and graduates who are struggling to start their career in this sector
  • To support people interested in affiliate marketing and assist them to make money through it
  • To motivate individuals and guide them to settle in areas which might out of their comfort zones

More About

Abdul Lathif is on a mission to provide proper guidance to youngsters and students to find their niche, especially in the healthcare industry. He also wants to impart the best values in the marketing services to enterpreneurs/sole proprietors and small scale business Industry. He has future plans to launch a Free course for marketing tips and tricks that will help people define their purpose using digital as well as offline marketing techniques.

Abdul Lathif has been leading a renowned eye hospital for the past seven years and improving the quality, profit, and scale of the hospital to the next level. He conducted many programs like motivational speeches, awareness programs and guided many healthcare staff, students, and optical store owners during this period.

On the other hand, he has been running WEEYESCARE organization for the poor and needy since 2013. He has been conducting many free eye camps and helping economically backward people to regain their vision. A large number of people have been aided through this generous support.

About Me

Abdul Lathif is on a mission to provide proper guidance to youngsters and students to find their niche, especially in the healthcare industry.