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As a marketing professional with a varied experience, I am here to share my wisdom and expertise in my field of work i.e. the health care sector. As I have undergone tough times in my journey, my intention is to make the drive more manageable for people who are already working or planning to enter this sector

He believes that each one can achieve their success by understanding their true inner selves and finding their motivating factor. He also believes that success can be achieved if one finds their purpose of life and then shapes it accordingly to achieve it.


My Specialties



With the vast experience in the arena of marketing, I am here to help people grow their health care businesses with very effective and practical online and offline marketing strategies and ideas. I guide people according to their requisite and offer feasible solutions.


I Coach

I offer training to people and provide insights about the most realistic ideas and tactics about their managing your health care business efficiently. My tactics will not only help people to effectively manage your business but have an impressive presence in the market


I Speak

I also speak to health care professionals and students eager to join the sector about the various opportunities and skill development activities that they can avail and become an expert in their field.

Marketing Advice

I render Advice

If you are a healthcare professional, I am available to provide advice on all the marketing and management related queries. Anyone who is in need of any kind of advice can contact me to avail of appropriate solutions

Health Blog

I Write

I often write blogs, articles and e-books on various topics related to the health care sector. These articles and blogs are mostly related to finding a precise solution to all the marketing needs. These articles also update about the latest developments in the health care sector and the way to upgrade your business.

sales funnels

I create a unique funnel and strategy for each business that would help to trigger your business into the next level and get good quality leads for the business.

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What My Clients Say

After completing my Optometrist course, I had quite a lot confusing and didn't get any intention on how to move the next step. His business ideas and tons of information about the industry made me took a firm decision. Now I opened my outlet in my native and earning a good income.
Mr. Arul Varman
Optical Store
He is a very excellent, knowledgeable person in healthcare marketing. I wanted to start my dental clinic but didn't know how to start. In his guidance, I opened my new clinic. Also, he has been helping to trigger my business into the next level.
Dr.Ashra Sultana
Smile Care
I am a student, pursuing UG in a renowned college in the city. Being a student, I have a strong determination to learn about leadership and communication skills. Mr Abdul Lathif has delivered a remarkable statement at my one on one section. Now, I am enlightened to know more about why communication is powerful in business.
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About Me

Abdul Lathif is on a mission to provide proper guidance to youngsters and students to find their niche, especially in the healthcare industry.